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We  prepare  you to thrive

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CIA    Mission

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Support your team and programs by coaching, providing the right tool/systems, and         preparing your staff to oversee capital and facility improvements.

Nurture and incite your teams to drive improved performance.

Reduce waste, by focusing on efficiency and reliability in your systems and processes.

Provide sustainable professional service that will feel like a great product or investment, .................Overtime, its retention will only appreciate in value.

CIA Vision:  Transform the perspective, performance, and productivity of Capital and Facility Management staff and their departments.    
Designed to Support:  
  • CIA will be your resource as needed in preparing  your team to oversee and maintain your new or existing facilities, programs, and projects.
  • CIA is not in the game , but we know the game very well and will provide unbiased strategies to your team  so they can perform more successful.
  • CIA has leverage, vendors see you as a single client, they see us as  an on-going  commercial account.
  • CIA prepares your team to be independant, but not alone.

CIA's value to your institution?

Value of having back office services:

Coach/Training builds staff capacity and increases performance:   
  • Training new or existing staff to support more technical administrative processes such as controls for construction and facilities project using management software or templates;
  • Improving departments capabilities for monitoring, reporting, and defining Key Performance Indicators for building and maintenance programs; 
  • Individual or team development of specific roles and tasks

Coach-Staff Development

Implementation of Systems/Tools maintains quality and standards: 
  • Implementation of back office processing and systems for capital assets, projects, and documents such as construction logs, RFI. change orders, submitals. inspections etc.
  • Providing key support tools designed for Owner’s review/reporting progress, document controls, facilities management archival, preventive maintenance  
  • Producing owner related information on current assets, inventories, budgets, forecast, equipment records
  • Producing financials reconciliations,  regular project audit reporting, owners schedules; vendor receivables/payables tracking/inputting
  • Communication plans/procedures, notifications, and outreach program  


Technical Resource Support transforms internal sustainability :  
  • Advanced resource and support includes professional technical services, advice, investigations, forensic, and assessments;   Change order, claim reviews, and dispute resolutions; Scope review, development, and production;  
  • Off site support for project document controls as needed for project communication, correspondences,  processing, notifications, and agency closeout;
  • Boiler plates templates for procedures, facilities policies,  standard specifications, drafting facility resolutions or complex agenda items, assisting in staff reports,  etc.
  • Space Inventories/allocations, Architectural, Engineering  and plant reviews;
  • Assessments for master programing/planning, deferred maintenance forecasting; 
  • Preparation for project/program prioritization, scope development, and facility acheivements
  • Project team formation: criterias, ranking, profiling, and pre-qualification review;
  • Community and community directions: oversight focus, goals, roles, and responsibilities;    

Technical Support

Ongoing  Resource,

CI Academy empowers leadership: 
  • Capital Improvement Academy, (CI Academy) is an internal facilities educational network provding specific professional and technical resources to staff, professionals, and associates  currently employed to oversee facilities with support from Capital Improvement Advisors;
  • CI Academy works with your agency team to provide regular access to resources, training, professional advice, boiler plates/templates, and online forums/newsletters;
  • CI Academy provides current and relevant trade support on specific challenges and topics; 
  • CI Academy keep your team in contact and supported by many trades, vendors, manufactures, suppliers, and professionals so they are informed with practical solutions;

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