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 CIA supports your staff to keep your project team on your mission and  objectives.

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Owner's Staff

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-Too many agendas
-Priorities unclear
-Lacking cooperation
-too many teams

-Goals indentified
-Priorities drive process
-One objective

End Users
Main Ingredients
Strategic Execution requires blending and harmonizing; Facilitating razor sharp targets on project or task objectives; Seasoned and experienced team leaders with the understanding of the complexity and diversity required to maintain the discipline;  Adding the right amount of skill sets, the  right players, the right teams with the right scope; Selecting professionals with Pre-mortem experience to  review techniques to reduce project obstacles; Topping with an abundance of caution, communication and collaboration.


CIA Strategic  Leadership 
Leading the Strategic Execution, Education and Process with over 70 years of combined Capital Improvement projects/development experience, architect-builders Stuart A. Sam and Tim A. Wallace provide  the technical and strategic  knowledge; leadership/mentoring experience; and have demonstrated extensive analytical, strategic and logistical success. Piloting  a network of professionals they can support your capital and facility teams in a variety of areas.    

  • Partnering with experienced teams of a network of specialized professionals, service providers and supporting consultants CIA provides scaleable and effective  service solution.

  • Demonstrated  track record of accomplishing over 1.8 billion dollars in all facets of improvement projects.  

  • CIA will provide a service plan of loyalty and trust, an organized collaborative skill sets, and a focused shared mission to improve your success.

  • CIA's diversisty will supplement your team's insight,   yielding higher probability of successful execution solutions and increases your choices.

  • CIA resource's combined with your institutions facilities leadership, our support will provide you with the data to make informed decisions 


CIA History of Experience
Past experiences is important in building successfuly strategies because  more history, more interactions, and more resources, lead to more success.

Project types  new, modernizations, rehabilitation, modular, pre-manufactured and adaptive use for:  

  • Public works/facilities-K-12 Schools,  courthouse, clerks offices, records, family court, polic, fire, library, city , water, and speciality facilities.

  • Public/Private-Education/training facilities, IT/Data centers, labs, and auditoriums. 

  • Public/Private-Community/recreational,  Boys/Girls Clubs, YM/YW CA, community centers, equestrain,  religious,   specialty parks, dog, botanical, and learning gardens.

  • Commercial-general offices, insurance, legal, financial,  and  retail/tenant improvements

  • Medical-doctors, out patient, clinics, and dental

  • Industrial-warehouse, food processing, textile, automotive, and manufacturing  

  • Hospitality-Restaurants, hotels, and night club/theatre

  • Parking/infrastructure-sub/multi stories, surface lots/lighting, loading, docks, utilities, IT, telecommunication, fire/intrusion, fiber optics, MEP, and HVAC, energy conservation

  • Mulitple family/custom resdential​-custom, apartments, condos, dormitories, senior citizens, afordable-low income housing


tim a. wallace, architect

University of So. California

Real Estate​
​Professional Practice

CIA Executive Advisors
Professional Services, Assessments, and Technical  

35+ Years in A/E/C profession

Tim  worked in the Ventura area for prominate local firms inolved in the full spectrum of both designing public and private facilities.  While establishing his own architecture practice he also developed argicultural business.   His practice of 12years grew throughout Ventura and Los Angeles.   He has been involved in many complex projects and sites, involving hillsides, rural  and agricultural influences, coastal commissions, water boards, and specialty overlay conditions. Serves regularly as a forensic specialist on architecture and construction litigations.  

He has served the local community on various committees and boards; serves as an architectural critic and on several panels reviews. 

Tim served as a project architect on several public works buildings in Ventura, including the City Hall, hospital and high school.  His construction logistical knowledge was initated from his long time experience in the construciton field as a framer and working for  contractors and design professional in the field.   His experience extended into argriculture and large site developements as a result of his entrepreneurial spirit managing and running agricultural produce.
stuart a. sam, architect

University of So. California
Louisiana State University

Real Estate​
Program Management
Construction/Project Manager

CIA Executive Advisor
Strategic Execution, Education and Operations 

35+ Years in A/E/C profession
​​19 years Instructor/Mentor/Professor Architecture/Professional Development 

Stuart worked for many firms ranging from small developers to large corporate A/E firms.   While establishing his own Architecture -construction development practice for 22 years in Los Angeles which also including extensive forensic and investigative support for legal/insurance industries; project types ranged the full spectrum and eventually acquired projects throughout California, providing opportunities for teaching and lecturing at many architecture programs; lead the reform of an integrated architectural education at the community college level.   His concern for public education continued and drove his motivation to change how public school environments were managed and constructed.   

Stuart served as a project management executive in the country's largest public works building program (27 billion) at LAUSD.  He assisted in leading 77 fulltime consultant CM/PM and staff  on 3000 projects valued at 900m for 242 schools;  taking the helm and managing 685m at Santa Monica Malibu Unified Schools sustainable capital construction projects;  other extensive improvement programs include Los Angeles County Superior Courts and the City of Beverly Hills. 

Author, "Too Common, Uncommon Sense", the tribulation of a public servant.

Curriculum Author/Co-author 25 California CSU/UC college courses 

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